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 1) STOP Covid with responsible individualism and allow liberty to mitigate Covid’s impact on the citizenry.

2) STOP insane immigration policies in favor of using those funds to increase Social Security for seniors and disabled (particularly Veterans).

3) STOP High Taxes, High Gas Prices, and High Inflation that is hurting our citizens, particularly the poor.

4) STOP schools and school boards from ignoring the wishes of parents and ensuring parents that they have a say in what is taught to their children.

5) STOP “defunding the police initiatives” and improving the apprehension of criminals who prey upon the innocent in the communities. 

6) STOP the perversion of women’s sports so women will have a chance to compete, win, and be awarded scholarships and advertisements and profit from their accomplishments.

7) STOP running business and jobs out of the country.

8) STOP unfair low wages because of flooding the district with illegal proxy workers who take jobs away from America’s low income wage earners.

9) STOP the perversion of the Justice System/Witch Hunts, that it is not to be used for retribution and waste taxpayer money; moratorium on bail reform, be able to sue jurisdictions whose weak bail system causes innocent death.

10) STOP woke culture from perverting Truth, Justice and the American Way and their attempts to neutralize Christianity in the nation.

11) STOP BIG PHARMA from sending our prescription drug industry overseas to make Americans vulnerable to hostile regimes. Bring our essential industries home; jobs for Americans first, even with tax breaks.

12) STOP BIG TECH from shutting down free speech, and the Bill of Rights.