I, J. Frank Harris, am running because what others are talking about in the shadows now, I have been proclaiming for years. We need to start setting the agenda in our neighborhoods and STOP allowing toxic/ bloodsucking/selfish leaders to profit off of the past betrayals done to African Americans and other minority groups. We are stronger and wiser when we unify to build from within and limit those who want to just take from and destroy the communities. It is time we build stronger families through integrity and character and discharge those who only seek self-gratification and rip-off. We will be starting with restoring dignity in each community and foster members to step-up as we seek demonstrative excellence in this new day. Help me to garner the church to be a part of the repairing of the economic breach in the “hood.”


I have lived in the current District all my life. I graduated Booker T. Washington Tech High School, El Centro College, B. A. from Austin College. I have been married over 40 years to my love, Yvonne Harris, and we have four children. I have been employed in community youth diversion programs all my life, caseworker to the Homeless and Psychologically Challenged, Dir. of Social Services in a school, became a Certified Juvenile Probation Officer, then Administration (medicaid/social security specialist) at the Dallas County Juvenile Department. Worked in the campaigns of Comm. John Wiley Price as Community Liaison, staff/consultant to Mayor of Dallas Steve Bartlett, Campaign Manager for Dallas City Council Member Charlotte Mayes (twice), fundraiser for Dallas City Council Member Sandra Crenshaw, much more; candidate for the Dallas City Council 1977, served on two city boards and commissions in the City of Dallas, Chairman of the Board of the Martin Luther King Family Clinic, past Ruling Elder-Treasurer and Clerk of Session of a church. I initiated the “Save the Name: Booker T. Washington High School-Dallas Campaign”, formally initiated the renaming of street to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., created the annual Juneteenth Festival in the Washington Street/Roseland Homes community, advocated for incarcerated pregnant girls to receive perinatal care to Texas lawmakers/staff, coordinated for over 1000 youth to travel over America for empowerment and YoungLife ventures/excursions. Presently, I am a member of OCBF Church.


Many of our constituents have a conservative bent and we believe in faith, family, and freedom. These are parts of the platform of the RNC. Although, it is not perfect, I want to be an instrument to assist in all people having an equal opportunity to reach their goals without undue hardship being imposed on them from the government or cultural restraints. Moreover, I wanted to line up with those who applaud God and not “boo” Him as with the Democratic Party. I believe Jesus’ teachings are to strive to accomplish in life, and they are not suggestions in a cafeteria of ideas to freely pick and choose without consequences. Likewise, I attend church, not the perfect church but so like minded faith believers will as it is said “iron sharpens iron.

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