Many of our constituents have a conservative bent and we believe in faith, family, and freedom. These are parts of the platform of the RNC. Although, it is not perfect, I want to be an instrument to assist in all people having an equal opportunity to reach their goals without undue hardship being imposed on them from the government or cultural restraints. Moreover, I wanted to line up with those who applaud God and not “boo” Him as with the Democratic Party. I believe Jesus’ teachings are to strive to accomplish in life, and they are not suggestions in a cafeteria of ideas to freely pick and choose without consequences. Likewise, I attend church, not the perfect church but so like minded faith believers will as it is said “iron sharpens iron.”


Promoting Economy – Americans First

Increase Medicare Support

Stopping Insane Immigration Policies

Better and School Choice

Stopping High Taxes, Gas Prices, Inflation

Stopping CDC and Covid Misinformation

Stop Perversion of Women/Men and Sport
Stopping the Alphabet Mob

Increasing Police Funding

Neighborhood Community Integrity